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The importance of using Google Ads as a marketing tool for your business

Would you like to know the importance of using Google Ads as a marketing tool for your business? In today’s world, most pieces of information circulate through the same cyber avenue; if you need to find anything or ask a question, you instinctively look for answers in the world’s most used search engine: Google.

Often, when a user wants to buy something they google keywords in the search engine. The buyer’s attention is captured mostly by the first search results which usually are sponsored ads. Those are Google Ads, paid advertisements on Google.

This marketing strategy can boost your business website’s positioning in the world’s most used search engine making it a pillar for your success. Let’s talk about how your business and sales can benefit from this platform.

Why use Google Ads?

Using Google Ads as part of your business’ marketing strategy can be extremely effective because:

  • Google has massive worldwide reach. Did you know that this search engine registers (on average) 40,000 searches per second?! Google’s Display Network sites reach over 90% of internet users worldwide (source: Comscore). So basically, if you’re not on Google, you’re missing out! It’s almost as if you didn’t exist (at least for a significant part of the market).
  • It’s a versatile market targeting tool. Google’s marketing platform provides all the necessary tools to target the specific client segments you are looking to reach. Long gone are the days when your only option was posting an announcement in the local newspaper, paying for publicity in the radio or a tv station hoping that your message would reach the real customer, almost by chance. Google Ads goes the extra mile by identifying those users most interested in seeing your ad. Since the amount you pay is linked to the number of clicks generated, by filtering your business’ exposure to users with a real potential of conversion into actual customers, Google Ads optimizes the use of resources connecting your business directly with your target market (limiting the possibility of wasted clicks by users with no real interest). In addition, you can customize where and how your ad appears using different formats: in the search engine (on the listing results when the user does a search), in the Display Network (in websites, apps and videos as users are browsing), and in YouTube (in video format before or while a video is playing).
  • It’s a powerful positioning tool. SEO is an essential aspect of your business’ long term marketing strategy, but it often takes time to generate optimal traffic from organic search results. SEM strategies such as Google Ads are an excellent complement since they have an immediate impact as you are putting forward your business directly in front of your target market with just a few clicks. By doing so, you are boosting your website’s potential to escalate positions so it can reach your target audience directly and in a shorter period of time, which is key to strengthening your sales and your growing business.

How to use Google Ads?

It’s not as simple as paying for any ad. Your ad must meet specific standards so it can be successfully positioned. Also, the cost of the keywords you are paying for (ie. “costume” if you sell costumes) varies as a function of supply and demand for such keywords.

The more people want to pay for a specific word, the more expensive the click involving that keyword will be. Confused? Not to worry! Once you have created a Google Ads account, Google will guide you on how to navigate the platform, how to best offer your products, how to optimally benefit from its market targeting options and how the payment structure works. It even offers free Google Ads skillshops and certifications so you can master this tool and make the best use of it.


One key advantage of Google Ads is that it provides metrics so you can assess how effective this service is relative to the goals you set for your investment. For example, if your goal is to obtain information from your potential customers, each time an individual accesses your website through Google Ads and fills a contact form, that interaction will be considered as a conversion.

Conversion is a metric to help you assess if and how your investment in Google Ads is yielding the results you expected. If the objective is for your business to reach a wider audience, then the relevant metric will be determining how many people saw your ad (regardless of whether it translated into clicks or not).

Those are just two examples of how Google Ads can help you achieve your marketing goals and also provide metrics that allow you to determine the return on your investment.

Google Ads is a powerful platform. It requires time so you can learn all the tools that it encompasses, but it is totally worth your effort since it has the potential to help you grow your business in an effective way.

Want to learn more about the importance of using Google Ads? Contact us! We look forward to providing you all the advice you need to incorporate this tool into your marketing strategy, enhancing your return on investment and boosting your business’ growth.