Twin Realty Group

Lourdes Norton, Twin Realty Group

When Lourdes Norton founded Twin Realty Group, she knew her drive and ambition would lead to a thriving business. Over the last 10 years, she has built the premier boutique residential real estate firm in Austin, Texas. However, a thriving business also came with increasing demands that made it difficult for Lourdes to focus on the parts of her business she was passionate about. That’s when she realized it was time to delegate marketing and operational tasks to experts.

The Challenge

When you've built your business from the ground up, it's hard to delegate the tasks you've managed for years, but it's often the next step to continue growing. Lourdes' business is deeply rooted in referrals from clients who come to know her. As she allowed experts to take over tasks like marketing and content development, it was crucial that her brand remain consistent.

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Lourdes is a seasoned real estate professional who consistently performs at the highest level serving clients in the Austin, Texas area. She relies primarily on referrals from past clients and her current sphere of influence. In doing so, she knows that an active & scheduled marketing strategy is crucial to ensuring she regularly engages with her friends, colleagues and clients to stay top of mind. Together, we planned and executed a brand new client appreciation event, a new video blog series for her email newsletter, and her “pop-by” campaign ensuring that she had numerous key touchpoints with each VIP in her database.


In studying her business, one trend we noticed was that Lourdes has many past clients who are now beginning to explore real estate as an option for diversifying their portfolio of investments. In order to educate and inform them, we created a video blog series in which she shared her unique perspective and expertise in real estate investing. This content was originally published on her website blog and distributed on social media and through her email newsletter. It also found its way into Latin Business Today, giving Lourdes further credibility in her industry and the business world at large. It will be repurposed in future projects so stay tuned!