Personal Best Performance

Marketing, business operations, web development, and content development client, Jeff Erickson

Jeff Erickson has been training private clients and athletes for over 20 years. His business, Personal Best Performance, has been thriving, but he wanted to reach the next level. Here’s how we helped his business grow.

The Challenge

Jeff Erickson's passion for personal training is evident throughout his business. His approach to the industry is incredibly unique, from his professional philosophy to the facilities he offers his clients. But as a one-man show, it was clear that his business would be limited by the number of hours he could work in a week. We helped him determine how he could overcome this limitation and grow.


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The first step for helping Jeff scale his business was to help him bring on additional staff to fulfill client sessions outside of his preferred work schedule and in new areas of training expertise. While Jeff benefitted from a limited training schedule, he also provided more value to his clients with convenient availability and more diverse training options. Upcoming plans include a program to provide marketable digital assets that Jeff can create once, while his clients utilize them for years to come, at any time and in any place. With these assets, Jeff will expand his brand's reach and increase its profitability without continuously sacrificing time.


Clients who work with Personal Best Performance don't keep quiet about the amazing training they receive. Word-of-mouth referral marketing has propelled Jeff's business, but adding additional trainers will add new demands for even greater growth. With this in mind, we've created a strategy for Jeff to not only teach new trainers how to actively grow their word of mouth referrals, but also to welcome all clients into the Personal Best Performance family.


Jeff's longstanding success through referrals meant that a website wasn't essential for drawing new clients. However, in order to grow, Personal Best Performance needed to offer additional value to current clients, while supporting the business as it expanded beyond being a "one-man show." We created a site to:
  • Communicate the business's unique training approach and values
  • Display the beauty, functionality, and privacy of the space clients utilize
  • Offer features that clients value, such as live appointment booking and a space for workout videos
Jeff's main goal for the website was to ensure that it was as welcoming as he is, while communicating the professionalism he and his team bring to their work. We created that atmosphere on the site by implementing a convenient user experience and utilizing a lighter color palette than is typically applied to gym and fitness sites.


Every goal matters.

Clients who choose Personal Best Performance don't just book appointments for standard format workouts. They share their goals with trainers who care about their values and aspirations. With those goals in mind the trainers build unique training regimens for every single client. As we created content for the website, we spent time talking to Jeff about why this approach matters and how best to communicate it. Through our conversations about his work, we built content that authentically reflected his values for his business.